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Liz Kucharska

Sr.product designer
+ design coach

about me

I'm a Toronto-raised Brooklyn dweller who's been working in the design industry for nearly 10 years!

I initially started as a web designer before UX/UI were commonly used terms. Responsive web was the big move at the time, and we didn't have Sketch or Figma as main design tools yet. Spoiler alert: Some things were wayyyy harder to do.

I have completed the Digital Media Arts program at Seneca College Toronto in 2010. I studied different creative aspects there, and learned a little bit of everything design: from storyboarding, copywriting, branding, sketching, etc. 

After working a few entry-level design jobs I landed a great web design position at G Adventures, where I learned a lot. This was my first big step toward what would eventually become product design. Overtime, I slowly transitioned into mobile-based work as well as user-centered design, working on features for the travel industry  (Some of which remained as proof-of-concept due to engineering resourcing limitations, but it was still fun.)


I also ended up teaching UX/UI at a tech school for a few years! And before you ask if I had impostor syndrome: the answer is YES. YES I did. I've never taught before, and it was completely new. Throwing myself into new situations career-wise has generally resulted in my most impactful growth. Teaching has taught ME a lot, and I'm confident that I became a valuable instructor and a much stronger designer through it. Helping others find their way in design/tech is an experience I will always hold close to my heart. Most of my alumni students are now designers working in the industry as well! I'd call that a huge success.



As somebody who's lived most her life in a city, I really love to get away from it once in a while. I dream of a beautiful hike in the woods, mountain scenery, and boat rides. I believe the best work done on-screen is inspired by the world off-screen. Nature is a force we tend to forget during the daily grind, so it's important to remember that being connected to nature is just as important as being connected to eachother. 

Inspiration for design comes from the way we interact with the world, from the way we communicate, what we wear, and how we function as a society. I believe there is no concept too abstract to tackle, as long as you see the world with an open mind.


Outside of work, I engage in several different hobbies since I like to keep my mind busy! I have always been into electronic music, so I DJ and Produce in my spare time. On most weekends you can catch me listening to music on the dancefloor, which is a great change of pace from sitting in a chair most of the day! (My lower back is super thankful for this) - I'm also a big horror movie fan, love weird and spooky things and enjoy going to art exhibits. Anything unusual or eclectic is likely to pique my interest!

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